Saturday, July 26, 2003

Shameless Self Introduction 

Its bit hard to believe, but I was planning for this blog for quite some time and today it looks like that I finally made it through... Whew! After all those man hours spent searching for a decent blogging tool, I figured Blogger to be a sweet deal (after all it is free).

Like all serious stuff let's start this formally-- Ummm... Let me introduce my self. My name's Rai Umair but friends and antagonists alike call me Rai, I live in the coastal metropolitan city of Karachi, Pakistan (I adore the weather here, but not the blazing sun which shows its face frequently) I am currently pursuing a CS degree from SZABIST and right now am all crazy about .NET, Information Retrieval and Software Architecture. This blog is going to be my reflection of the coming days with a collection of tit bits of knowledge that I will be getting my hands on or might already have (mind you... I have been learning...).

For those of you out there still reading-- if there is anything in particular you're interested in, do let me know and I'll be happy to write on it.

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