Saturday, August 23, 2003

1st Meeting of .NET UGs Leaders in Karachi 

Today I will drive all the way from SZABIST (Clifton) to the NED campus on University Road (I admit. my first time) around 2:00 to attend the fist ever .NET UGs Leaders (Karachi) conference. On the menu is a lot of talk about the future of the .NET community in Karachi and the tasks to be get over with in the coming months.

I am all excited for this event, and can’t wait to meet the other UG Leaders.

Once back I plan to rant about the proceedings of the meeting too.

Three cheers for the .NET Community (Karachi)!

LOGIC: The Art of Verifying Arguments 

Logic (Mantak) is a must for all to study. It opens up our mind, expand on the way our communications take place and help solve disputes.

For Starters:

A argument consists of a set of propositions/statements (a statement is a sentence when it affirms something) that can be true or false and a valid argument (in deduction) is the one in which the conclusion follows from the premises.

I will add more to this soon. It's a work in progress.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Short of Job Titles, Areyou? 

Is that the Interaction Architect Job Title Generator, or are you just happy to see another one of my rants?

Check this - at http://http://www.girlwonder.com/jobs.html, you can randomly create a sweet little job title, rip it off and rebrand yourself.

You don't have to do nothin' but sit and click.

information begetter, interconnection contriver, coherence philosopher were the few it came up for me (and I really liked).

Thursday, August 21, 2003

See What Web Services Can Do for You 

Yawn... No matter how popular a concept gets there are always people out there oblivious of the change happening around them, living their 'old' life in total oblivion.

Can you believe it? There are still people who don’t know what the web services hype is all about. I can write tons about the XML based plain text talk of the town, but would they read it. I guess not. So here’s the deal. For all those business types Microsoft has come up with a (easy on the eye) flash based animation that covers exactly what them royals need:

- A nontechnical explanation of how Web services connect systems.
- How connected systems can offer companies new business opportunities.
- A look at the industry standard technologies behind Web services.
- How .NET software can be the foundation for Web service solutions.

Now don’t just take my word for it, Go Ahead: See What Web Services Can Do for You

C#: Code Better 

The goal of any Coding Standard is to encourage the writing of highly readable and reliable code, the three guides for developing high-quality C# code by iDesign, iCSharpCode and Tiobe respectively are sure resources for pumping up your C# code and taking your C# coding skills to the next level.

Read them all; Better yet print em up and keep them next to your machines.

101 Wars? .NET Wins! 

I'm still feeling my way through blogging as a 'softie. When I first saw Carlos Perez's article "101 Reasons why Java is better than .NET" , my first reaction was to weigh in with comments on the technical (in)accuracies in the article and my opinions on the topic in general (you can guess which side I weigh in on!). Apparently there are still 76 more reasons coming, but they had better get more substantive. While I was having an pondering the issue of whether my bias for MS now would color people's perception of my responses (comments?), JasonW solved my dilemma and shredded the article appropriately. For the record, I agree with Jason. :-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Staying Up-To-Date, My way or the highway... 

I follow on with all the happenings at Google.com, as they really do come with excellent and usefull services...

The new Google News Alerts service is no exception either... For the last couple of weeks I have kept my self up to date with all "Microsoft" and (for my brother) "Karachi Stock Exchange" news by simply signing up with the News Alerts.

Visit: http://www.google.com/newsalerts

Signing up takes less then a minute and you benifit from the latest news at it happens, taken from thousands of great news sources and delivered (in simple text format) right in your mail box (and that too for free). What more can you ask for, hee? Hmmm... Free Patties and Cola at break time, Anybody?

Tip: Try on with less generic keywords for best results as signing up for a keyword such as I found out. ".NET" results in a lot of garbage being sent over and a careless choice such us this will surely suffocate your precious inbox to death.

If you feel brave and have a lot of time at hand... you can try making a mail filter in outlook express to solve this problem and filter out the junk. But then you must be using POP baed email. Right? Try Hotpop.com, it?s free and easy.

Happy Reading...

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