Monday, August 25, 2003


The first meeting was great, the day was hot and the sun shining but that did not deter me and my trustful friend Nauman to make a trip across the city to NED University. It was big aright! (But! not us huge as I was expecting). We reached in at about 2:20 and were pleased to find out that the meeting had not started yet.

Eventually it did and we the eight people there with the addition of two more of the .NET UG Leaders started of a merry discussion with food and all over the future of .NET actives in Karachi.

We all agreed on creating;

1) A Centralized .NET UG Karachi’s Relations Committee
2) A Charter for our newly formed .NET UG Karachi’s Relations Committee
3) A Website with a universal template for all the UG’s to grow on
4) A Local Speakers Bureau
5) A .NET UG Leaders Meeting Every Month

We made great progress and we all have Arsalan Minahas to thank for arranging the event. More is on the way and I will keep all of you updated.

If you belong to a university or a software house and plan to incorporate a .NET User Group for your institution then please contact me at rai@hotpop.com or call me at 4555390 and I will be glad to help.

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