Sunday, September 07, 2003

Gharo, Gharo... Of to Picnic We Go! 

The much anticipated and fought over class (BCS 2004) picnic is tomorrow (this might as well be our last also, but hopefully not).

My energy has all but depleted after giving 10 hourlies in the last two weeks. The constant hectic (I wont say study, cos I really don't study...) has rendered my brain useless and now when I plan to write my paper “Acroweb: Web Mining for Acronyms” (of which a practical implementation (by me) is available at Acroweb.tk) which has been selected at two conferences both UIT and SCONEST (I won’t talk more about that here, at least not right now) I am all blank.

So whats in store for us after the two hour journey into Sindh, to reach the rented out farm house (Mumtaz Farms) at Gharo? I can answer that question only tomorrow...

Lastly If you are haven’t noticed two new buttons right in the end of the blog already. Then you can do it right now. I have added up a Site Meter to monitor traffic to my blog and a Creative Commons license so you guys know that this work is copyright protected.

Yawn.. its almost 3:00 and I guess I will dye dead as soon as I hit the mattress.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

That's My Code!  

We all know how all that Java Byte Code and IL could be reverse engineered back into human readable source code... and trust me it does not take a genius to do all that.

So how to protect you’re Intellectual Property?

Guess what... By watermarking it! (now why did I not think of this before!) Yes you can protect your source code now by water marking it using this FREE Service by FixMySite. It sort of works like the same way we safeguard images by watermarking them with our Copyright notices.

I admit the watermarking method is not new for one and not 100% accurate for another, but it does brings us closer to the "code monkeys" nabbing our code without asking for our permission first.

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