Thursday, September 11, 2003

Look Ma no Numbers! 

In developing form ware applications we developers occasionally come across the situation of restricting the user to input to numbers only. I usually used the Regular Expression support in .NET for this task but then I discovered another way (from my friend and PakSpirit.net UG leader Misbah) and would like to share with you all here.

Here's the meaty part:

if (char.IsNumber(e.KeyChar))
e.Handled = false;
e.Handled = true;

Use this code in textbox's KeyPress Event and Voila! no numbers The 'e' is for the Event Arguments being passed through to the KeyPress handler on every key press.

Monday, September 08, 2003

.NET Speechs and .NET Seminars 

Quite a lot's up with the buddying .NET community in Karachi. The .NET User Group Karachi (DNUG) has doubled in size since our first meet. Various sessions on .NET have taken place at FAST, HU and SZABIST.

Our group along with INETA Pakistan activities has also been featured in this months INETA newsletter. Take a sneak peak of the news letter's working copy here.

Other then all that we are having a MSDN day tomorrow (courtesy Microsoft) and another .NET session (again conducted by me) at UIT this Wednesday.

Back to the Field 

Its once again that time of the year where cricket fever (not my favorite game) strikes every body at SZABIST. We are once again up with the cricket tournament where only the fit (classes) survive and the leaders (class vs. class) take the honor.

We had our first match today and bowling fist we succeeded in giving only 75 runs and while batting we won by 8 wickets and with 12 balls left still to be bowled by the other side (some BBA class).

The two highlights from our side were the excellent dive by Irfan, he really dived and threw the ball like Jonty Rodhes and a fantastic bunch of straight sixes by my friend Nauman in the 5th over, which really were the reason that we won the match in such a splendid way.

Back From Gharo 

The day started not to well for me. I had over slept till 8 (the exact time our coaster was to leave from SZABIST). I just done away with the bare minimums and processed towards SZABIST where I found all the (about 18) people were still out there waiting for the to coaster to arrive.

Being late eventually did not matter much. Our coaster driver was a real dare devil and my friend I finally realized how bus clashes take place on the highway, but still the speed was thrilling and we enjoyed it more then the 8 people singing on the top of there voices half the way.

The farm was good if not excellent and vast greenery met our eyes from the statt to the end, not to mention the green but clean water in the four pools there. It was fun. There were pirate fights on the (Chappo Wali) Boats and we had a lot of fun sinking each other’s boat (ship) more then once. We all loved playinggames in the water and had slides all day.

The best thing about the PICNIC was the access to yummy food all the way including Briani, Ice Creams and tons and tons of cola not to forget the sandwiches and tasty cutlasses.

We came back home around seven all tired but pleased. All in all it was worth it.

Three Cheers for all of the organizers…

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Gharo, Gharo... Of to Picnic We Go! 

The much anticipated and fought over class (BCS 2004) picnic is tomorrow (this might as well be our last also, but hopefully not).

My energy has all but depleted after giving 10 hourlies in the last two weeks. The constant hectic (I wont say study, cos I really don't study...) has rendered my brain useless and now when I plan to write my paper “Acroweb: Web Mining for Acronyms” (of which a practical implementation (by me) is available at Acroweb.tk) which has been selected at two conferences both UIT and SCONEST (I won’t talk more about that here, at least not right now) I am all blank.

So whats in store for us after the two hour journey into Sindh, to reach the rented out farm house (Mumtaz Farms) at Gharo? I can answer that question only tomorrow...

Lastly If you are haven’t noticed two new buttons right in the end of the blog already. Then you can do it right now. I have added up a Site Meter to monitor traffic to my blog and a Creative Commons license so you guys know that this work is copyright protected.

Yawn.. its almost 3:00 and I guess I will dye dead as soon as I hit the mattress.

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