Thursday, October 16, 2003

BUSY in Projects... Excited about PROCOM 

Hmmm.... long time and no ranting(writing for my blog)? I wont blame me on that, cos I was too busy working with my friends and even strangers on some heavy duty technical support (which turns out that I will be building the whole or at least some part of the projects). I don't know but I can't say no to any body and in the end what happens is that the projects get done right in the end giving constant rise in the blood pressure of all crew involved in the projects. It is not the best of situations but this is the best I can do with 10 course load (at SZABIST), a DNUG (the largest in Karachi) to run and presentations and other stuff to do. I will keep try to update my blog with the projects underway (or done) and how you can benefit from them in the near future.

Wait the mention of ‘presentations’ reminds me of my second visit to FAST. I will be conducting a session on 'Real World Webservices' at PROCOM, (find out more about PROCOM at the official site: http://fastics.edu.pk/procom) this Saturday morning. So if you are coming there, don’t forget to get in touch with me. ;-)

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