Saturday, November 22, 2003

I am too busy to write ! 

Long Time No Ranting... The Finals are here its really hectic, no other work as the story goes... there has to be more to life then this! Well I am staying with my friends for most of this Ramadan. Its fun to study togather. 3 Finals are done and more are to follow. In the mean time I have been learning a lot of newe stuff from the text books and my continous reading habit of the net. hehe We.. I am drained to write messages and once after the finals plan to hold a big DNUG 3 Meeting.

Reverse Physcioly, It Always Works 

Flipping accross 'All in a Day' page in some old Reader Digest I came accross Reading a nice little piece in the My friends technique of making others do as he would really like is by letting go infact saying and reacing oppsotiely to ones surprise always makes the other pwerson give up with any thing before he even started, Nauman and I share this techjiniqw with a common name as conied by Numanb 'Reverse Phcycilloy'., Try this

I hope my friends are not reading this or they might gety imuine to it.

Before I go I would like to metion David Blane, he is a fabolus magician. More On This Later...

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