Friday, January 30, 2004


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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Cool Tools, Books and News For The No Fools 

.NET Wire, Keep Up with .NET News and Articles: .NET Wire
.NET Books, Read and Review the Latest .NET Books: .NET Books
.NET Tools Page On GotDOTNET: Tools Page
.NET Tools Page at MadGeek: Sharp ToolBox

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Google Blog, Searching Is Fun and Best Whois Sites 

Some Suff for the Google Fans and the Seach Bluffs:

- Want to keep up with the mighty search engne follow the Google Blog.
- Lots Of Fun Tools like the which term is more polpular on the web: Search is Fun

And now my favourite WHOIS (Find About Who Owns a Domain, IPs and DNS details) websites:

- Detailed, fast and Infomation about any domain name: DomainWhitePages
- Ability to search domain names and there availabilty and more: WHOIS.sc

INFO: A Crawler Just Visited Your Site 

Crawler Alert - Automatically get an email notification whenever a search engine crawler (spider/agent/robot) is scanning your website.

A crawler is a program used by serach engines to visit websites and webpages, collect links and the contents of the pages to build huge indexes. Which are inturn used when you search using the search engines.


Crawlers (they have names too) and the companies supported for FREE by the Crawler Alerts Service:

Googlebot by Google and Yahoo. (Yahoo bought Inkatomi: So this is out dated info.),
Teomaagent by Teoma,
WISEnutbot by Wisenut,
Zyborg by Wisenut,
Gulliver by Northernlight,
ArchitextSpider by Excite,
Scooter by Altavista,
Mercator by Altavista,
crawler@fast by FAST,
FAST-WebCrawler by FAST and Lycos,
WebCrawler by WebCrawler,
Lycos by Lycos,
moget by Goo,
webtop by Webtop,
Slurp by Inktomi,
Robozilla by DMOZ,
Ask Jeeves by Ask Jeeves,
MSNBOT by MSN (Microsoft),
ia_archiver by Alexa,
InfoSeek by InfoSeek,
Ultraseek by InfoSeek,
MantraAgent by LookSmart,
T-H-U-N-D-E-R-S-T-O-N-E by Thunderstone,
VoilaBot by Voila,
KIT_Fireball by Fireball,
NetScoop by NetScoop
and many more ...

Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects 

You know SETI@Home... Want to keep up with distributed or grid computing go catch the latest at:

Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects

All people new to distributed computing can read this very informative article captioned 'Distributed Computing: An Introduction' at http://www.extremetech.com/print_article/0,3428,a=25002,00.asp

I am working on a very exciting 'distrbuted' project very close to my heart. More on this later.

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