Saturday, February 07, 2004

Url Renaming On The Fly... 

Hey Microsoft is using URL renaming on their main site, hmmm… sort of looks like something that we were working on GotDotNet.com's Workspaces. For the ever curious, the project was titled ReWrite.NET.

Well the rewriting of URLs on the fly is great, for example visiting http://www.microsoft.com/mcad (not the actual address) will forward you to http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcad/ (the real one).Which is great, you don't lose an ignorant visitor and the visitor is fooled to think great about himself (ah the benefits of technology).

So how does this URL rewriting work, well two ways either we can put a ISAPI along with the IIS or within an ASP.NET application a HTTP handler both at the root level. On startup all directories are recursively read and recorded and when a 404 or no page found request comes up the beast of the beauty comes up to serve matching the words after the domain to point to the nearest match (works like the *FileName* thing we do in Windows).

Another thing I noticed is that MSN Search is really improved and I don’t know what’s the speed of the crawler they are running but its mind boggling to have my very recent sites updated in their index. Intelligent, that is.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

We have ears too... 

We humans are so funny, for example just yesterday my friend lowered his car’s sound system to a halt in respect of a grave yard we were passing along side the road. I guess there is nothing bad in it, respect for the dead is important to me too, but like do we ever mind doing the same for the people who are alive and can hear and get irritated by all the loud noises and sound we tend to indulge in enjoying ourselves maybe in a outdoor party, maybe in the next room, maybe in the street or maybe god knows even in the car (it has happened to me in the car!).

I guess no occasion no matter how important (to us) gives us the right into passing individual spaces of other like us. So if you agree with me (not to much to ask from some one with a conscience), lend a hand in noise reduction and help in reducing the constant ‘sound stress’ we are increasingly facing these days.

Do what I did: Bye a MP3 player or a set of earphones for your system, pc and the likes.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Free Automated Hand Writing Analysis 

See what the Goosini Has to Say to You:


Spamming the Blog Front 

He he, I have to admit I have been naughty lately and have done this more then once for personal gains, Its a neat little trick to invite and increase traffic to your blog. So what to do you ask. Well simply visit top ranking blogs (you can find tons runiung a simple query on google) and paste your link in there with a nice review in the comments section of the blog.

Search engines that use PageRank (Named after Larry Page: Cofounder Google) like schemes to sort out results will ultimately rank you first. It has not worked so much for me but trying is better then looking others spam your blog first. Right? So get to work you ghastly person,

Monday, February 02, 2004

Managed|Core: Goes Atomic 

Surprise, Surprise! Now you can add, read and stay updated with Managed|Core using an Atom formatted XML site feed.

It is intended to be viewed in a Newsreader or syndicated to another site. So hurry up add the link at the bottom to your favourite news aggregater.

XML Feed : not everything you ever wanted!

It’s all in the Approach Stupid! 

Young and old programmers alike make many a assumptions, mistakes and perspectives learning the rules of the trade and with time turn them into a habit, that they are not ready to or are unable to part with as they progress (hopefully upwards) on the software development ladder and then it hits them that they have to change. I don’t blame them for it (I don’t blame me). It sure needs an eye opening experience to realize where the mistake lies and how to rectify it.

Let’s see, If I ask you to create an app for a TV studios that’s supposed to automate the hiring scheduling and payroll of the producers, artists, extras the costumes the time scheduling and renting etc.

Hmmm… So what comes to your mind? A Database, GUI, SQL queries and the likes or a requirements gathering questionnaire and docs before it in the software development life cycle.

If you choose the last option, fine and good you are on your way to become analyst or an architect (as Microsoft likes to put it) but then if you were unfortunate enough to choose the first choice, Grr… like I once did (embarrassingly just recently), boy I have news for you. Change the way you think, it’s all in the approach stupid.

Change is always hard and by the way no one said it will be easy, but for this transition I have some tips for you which I have tried, tested and sort of protected.

All you have to do is space your self from coding and design for a while, a week is good, two is splendid and when the next project comes up just try to put your self in the shoes of say some one whos not so tech savvy I choose my mom for whom a mouse is one of the things that the cat can have for supper. You know what I mean… I am sure you do. Boy just let go of your old habit: let the coding blocks just pop out of your brain stack he, an empty stack is will pave the way to the next step.

Good luck with your career.

Blogging Under the Influence 

I am a month behind my reading, bookmarks overloaded, last semester (well not entirely) at the university, watching God Father 1,2,3 reruns for the 100th time and guess what sleeps too much and to often at the come. Crazy feelings, stupid questions and never ending ambitions rule the little state of affairs in my rational components, but the art and logic is on the loose again. Cheers till we meet again.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Become a Human Lie Detector 

It's easier than you think to become a human lie detector.

Just Look for constant Suspicious Behaviors, Here's the top eight list of suspicious behaviors:

-A change in the voice's pitch.
-A change in the rate of speech.
-A sudden increase in the number of "ums" and "ahs."
-A change in eye contact. Normally, one makes eye contact one-quarter to one-half of the time. If suddenly, at the convenient moment to lie, he's staring at you or looking away, beware.
-Turning his body away from you, even if just slightly.
-Suddenly being able to see the white on the top and bottom of a person's eyes, not just the sides.
-A hand reaching, even if momentarily, to cover part of the face, especially the mouth.
- Nervous movement of feet or legs.

The trick is to concentrate on a base line and to spot any mixed singals that are not supposed to be there.

Bot A Blog: Free blog update notifications by e-mail 

Want to read blogs, keep up, have them delivered to your email use Bot a Blog. (These use crawlers too...)

Bot A Blog: Free blog update notifications by e-mail

Feature Article: Cover Story 

Just recently we had this activity of reading out the future trends in the top segments in our MIS class, Guess what I got to do the winner technology of the computers segment.


A analysis engine making sense of the web: its not a merry search engine spitting links matching pages to your keywords but some thing that understands what you have asked and will come up with a reference not a list of links from the web.

WebFoundation is a research project sponsored by IBM in Sanjose, California and is has a mega crawler and a huge machine cluster attached to it. Interesting, read more at past month’s IEEE Spectrum web edition.

Read other stuff too, leaning is the way to go. In this everchanging world, staying static is killing your self.

When I share this little TIP, You got no privacy! 

I was reading my older blog, and found this one little gem of a piece that I wanted to share here too:

Hares a way how one can log any uses web browsing activity... All you have to do is tweak a little keys value in the windows registry.

The exact address of the key I discovered:


Just change the value of default string value from "http://" to "http://www.YOURSITE.com/log?=" and have a page at YOURSITE recording the query string value and then redirecting to the users site. Transparent to the user.

Unscrupulous little tip huh, no regrets, lets do some about that as well. hee ?

For the curios, a good site for windows registry modifications and tweaking will be the http://www.winguide.com

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